Linda Hirschhorn
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Gather Round
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Gather Round Songbook
15. Ufrsu Lr‘v

Music by Linda Hirschhorn © 1989; based on High Holiday cantillation mode

Lyrics: adapted from Isaiah 58

וּפָרְסוּ לָרָעֵב לַחְמְכֶם
וְלַעֲנִיִים מְרוּדִים תָּבִאוּ בָּיִת
וַאֲרוּכָה מְהֵרָה תצְמַח

Ufrsu lr‘v lakhmechm.
Vela‘aniyim merudim tvi’u byit,
va’aruchh mehrh titsmakh.

[Distribute to the hungry your bread.
Bring the outcast poor to your home,
and healing will quickly flourish.]

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