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6. Mountains of China

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Music and Lyrics by Linda Hirschhorn © 1982 (BMI)

Lead Vocal: Linda Hirschhorn

Guitar: Nancy Vogl

Bass: Bill Douglass

Fiddle: Darol Anger

Piano: Ellen Hoffman

Drums: Bonnie Johnson

Backup Vocals: Laurie Lewis, Reed Fromer

And we thought that we could climb as high
as the mountains of China,
but we fell into the canyons far below.
Saw the sun go down behind your eyes
while I was still there trying
to find the morning light to take us home.

We traveled round to distant ports
in a simple boat of wood;
had to ride some mile-high waves,
and I always thought we could;
had to sail through twists and turns,
and we gave them our best try,
and cut ourselves on the jagged rocks
on which our love would die.

And we thought...

From the shores, we'd watch the seasons change
by the colors of the sea,
but never felt the trembling of the earth beneath our feet;
watched the skies for winter birds
returning from their flight,
and fell into the deep black holes
of the ever-darkening night.

And we thought...

© 1982 Linda Hirschhorn, Kehila Publications (BMI)
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