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5. Dance a Revolution

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Music and Lyrics by Linda Hirschhorn © 1982 (BMI)

Lead Vocal: Linda Hirschhorn

Guitar: Nancy Vogl

Bass: Bill Douglass

Percussion: Carolyn Brandy

Backup Vocals: Laurie Lewis, Ellen Robinson

“If I can't dance, I don't want to part of your revolution” - Emma Goldman

And we will dance a revolution
to the sounding of the drums:
Dance the call of freedom,
the call of peace to come.
And we will dance away injustice
with the dancing of the free,
and dance until we dance a world
of human dignity.

You came with huddled masses
fleeing the pogroms,
searching for the harbor statue
and her outstretched arm,
but your namesake disappointed you,
child of blackbread and tea;
Oh, golden Emma, you found
your golden land not free.

And we will...

You spoke of sex, you talked of birth,
in a world afraid of love,
you said human worth could not measured
by laws from above,
let the workers share in profits
let our children's lives be whole,
you said that liberation starts inside
a fighting woman's soul.

And we will...

Some struggles have been different,
some are still the same.
We fight to choose our destiny,
to speak in our own name.
We fight to save the air, the trees,
the oceans, earth, and sky.
Your voice becomes an echo
of a spirit that won't die.

And we will...

© 1982 Linda Hirschhorn, Kehila Publications (BMI)
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