Linda Hirschhorn
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4. Can We Wait

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Music and Lyrics by Linda Hirschhorn © 1982 (BMI)

Lead Vocal: Linda Hirschhorn

Guitar: Nancy Vogl

Bass: Bill Douglass

Drums: Bonnie Johnson

Viola: Tay Holden

Violin: Chris Mandell

Backup Vocals: Laurie Lewis, Tay Holden, Rob Bell

There's a blight upon the land:
The earth is burning hot.
Watch the people leave who say they've given all they've got.
The thunder's rolling back the skies,
the sea stands at high tide,
and I'm lying on a bed of nails,
dry-heaving through the night.

And will we wait till it all blows over?
Must we wait till it all blows over?
Can we wait till it all blows over over us?

And my song is about love, the war inside our hearts,
the war we've taken outside that rips the world apart.
And I'm crying for my lover, the child across the sea,
for the gentleness that's slowly disappearing out of me.
And I cry for the confusion of a lover and a friend,
as if we had to find the holy grail.
Searching never ends.

And this song is still for you.
And I can't lie still without you.
Can you still, still sing through me too?

Plains blend into cities;
The cultures of our past
are wrapped inside a breaded dough
we chew and spit out fast.
The sand from up the desert's
blowing strong within our eyes -
A host of people blinking out the truth
and seeking lies.

Will we wait till it all blows over?
(And my song is still for you.)
Must we wail till it all blows over?
(And I can't lie still without you.)
Can we wait till it all blows over over us?
(Can you still, can you still, sing all over over us?)
Over us, over us over over us, it's over over us.

© 1982 Linda Hirschhorn, Kehila Publications (BMI)
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