Linda Hirschhorn
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More Than Luck and a Prayer
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More Than Luck and a Prayer Cassette
1. The Dawning Light

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Music and Lyrics by Linda Hirschhorn © 1986

Lead Vocal: Linda Hirschhorn

Guitar: Nancy Vogl

Bass: Joy Julks

Drums: Paul van Wageningen

Keyboards: Ray Obiedo

Is it killing you to know
there's so much you do not know
about my life
before we met?
Or is it as the rougher gets more smooth,
you find you need a greater truth
than all the ones that we have had as yet?

Are you searching for another door
where there is sure to be much more
than all the painted banners that we've waved
in a carnival charade?
Where the only song that's played
hides whatever makes us so afraid
to be alone together?

Ah, but the heart reveals what words conceal,
in a telling glance that silences all lies in just one blow.
And in the wonder of a moment's gain,
there's nothing more we need explain
of all the love and pain that we might show.

Come along just one more time.
We still have so much more time
with the blessings of a dream we had
not so long ago.
The night may soon be over, so near the morning sky.
Put your hand inside of mine and welcome in the dawning light.

I have held so tightly to my dreams
of sky-blue love and what it means,
it shames me now to see how far I flew
into the storm.
For the air up here is much too light;
I'm coming down before the night; I will come
and stoke the fires you have built
to keep us warm.

Now the painters and musicians
give a look into conditions,
and they try to fashion sight into a show.
But inside my silk and steel cocoon
it's hard to hear another tune.
Won't you help me now to see where we might go?


© 1986 Linda Hirschhorn, Kehila Publications (BMI)
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