Linda Hirschhorn
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Linda Hirschhorn
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Linda Hirschhorn Songbook
14. Qrv Yom

Music by Linda Hirschhorn © 1989

Lyrics: Pirkei d-Rabbi Eliezer

קָרֵב יוֹם אַשֶׁר הוּא
לֹא יוֹם וְלֹא לַיְלָה
רׂם הוֹדַע כִּי לְךָ הַיוֹם אַפ לְךָ הַלַילָה

Qrv yom ’ashr hu’
lo’ yom velo’ lailh.
Hi rm hod‘
Ki lechh hayom ’af lechh halailh.

[A day approaches which is
neither day nor night.
Most high, let it be known
that yours is the day and yours is the night.]

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