Linda Hirschhorn
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Gather Round Songbook
18. Kiddush for New Holidays

Music by Linda Hirschhorn © 1989

Lyrics by Marcia Lee Falk

נְבָרֵך אֶת עֵין הַחַיִים
מַצְמִיחַת פְּרִי הַגָּֽפֶן
וְנִשְׁזוֹר אֶת סְרִגֵי חַיֵֽינוּ
בְּמַסֹרֶת הָעָם

Nevàréch ’èt ‘éin hakhayim
matsmikhat peri hagàfen
venishzor ’èt srigéi khayéinu
bemasorèt hà‘àm.

[Let us bless the source of life
that ripens the fruit on the vine
as we weave the branches of our lives
into the tradition of our people.]

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