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Becoming CD
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  1. Kumi Listen to an mp3 sample:


  2. My Beloved Listen to an mp3 sample:

    My Beloved

  3. As a Lily
  4. Bountiful Love Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Bountiful Love

  5. The Odds Get Even Better Listen to an mp3 sample:

    The Odds Get Even Better

  6. By Way of the Heart Listen to an mp3 sample:

    By Way of the Heart

  7. Don't Keep Waiting Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Don't Keep Waiting

  8. Hashkiveynu Listen to an mp3 sample:


  9. Bishiva Listen to an mp3 sample:


  10. Dodi Li
  11. Talia's Lullaby
  12. Mountains of China Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Mountains of China

  13. Blue
  14. Hafoch V'Hapech Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Hafoch V'Hapech

  15. Winter's Song Listen to an mp3 sample:

    Winter's Song

Becoming CD

I heard about you from:

Just Plain Folks Award Nominee  JPF 2009 Award Nominee for Best Jewish Song ("Kumi")

Becoming includes 15 original uplifting joyous songs, among them love songs, lullabies, songs of healing, peace, and forgiveness, in styles that range from jazz, folk, and pop (with a touch of gospel), to klezmer, liturgical, and a cappella. “The melodies are gorgeous, the harmonies luscious, the poetry exquisite.”


Reviews and Listeners' Comments:

“After listening to Linda Hirschhorn's latest, I have to say that I am transported by her heavenly voice. In this genre-busting recording, Becoming runs the gamut from lullaby to torch song to mizrachi (Eastern) groove to chamber music to swing, all with the same level of mastery that you've come to expect from this radically talented singer. After just a taste of this masterpiece, if you don't decide you want to be her when you grow up, you'll at least decide you want to spend endless hours listening to her.”

—Debra Kolodny, Director of א Aleph

“…am in love with your latest CD…”

—Eva Friedner

“[Linda Hirschhorn is] writing, arranging and performing some of the most engaging … music in the Jewish universe. …[Becoming] is all about Hirschhorn's voice… She can cut loose when she needs to… It adds up to numerous tour-de-force vocal performances. The CD's most daring … track, Blue, features a cool saxophone quartet behind an original spoken-word allegory … the jazz is awfully good. Hirschhorn's inner folkie comes out in tracks like Talia's Lullaby, Mountains of China, and Winter's Song. All three prove she's put in her time at the feet of masters like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and even half-forgotten greats like Pentangle.”

—Dan Pine, j., the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, August 24, 2007

“Great musical arrangements abound, with lots of strings and Israeli-inflected rhythms. This is a mature body of work, demonstrating that contemporary Jewish American music can be distinctively Jewish.”

—Aaron Howard, Jewish Herald-Voice, August 9, 2007

“Glorious and rich! All those tone colors—wow, would make Rimsy-Korsakov envious! I love the Blue with sax.”

Gael Alcock

“I finally listened to your CD — WOW! I found it in turn, and often simultaneously, beautiful, moving and fun! I so enjoyed it — got goosebumps starting right away on Kumi and was moved and delighted throughout. Thank you for this beautiful work.”

Elizabeth Stuart

“On her new CD Becoming, Freedom Song Network co-founder Linda Hirschhorn revisits songs that she wrote as much as twenty years ago, rerecording the vocals and in many cases augmenting the arrangements. At 60, her voice is rich and expressive, flexible and distinctive. Her songs cover a range of topics within the general terrain of social justice, human love, and spirituality. Several are adapted from Biblical texts, including the Song of Songs. Musically, the predominant style might be described as chamber folk: her voice is supported by vocal harmonies and accompanied by small ensembles that make imaginative use of instruments from the balalaika to the bass clarinet.”

—Bernard Gilbert, Freedom Song Network

“Wow! Amazing CD you guys put together. The sounds are so crisp, clean, well thought out. Linda, your voice sounds better than ever. My kids love it too!”

Sam Glaser

“Every life's journey requires revisiting the past with new eyes. This CD represents Linda Hirschhorn's artistic journey back to her earlier work and forward to what she is ‘becoming.’ The entire album is permeated with sweetness and light as Hirschhorn's crystal clear voice floats through various melodies and harmonies evoking the peaceful earnestness of a gentle soul. Many of the songs have biblical or liturgical origins. All of them have a quality of serene, almost blissful beauty, especially ‘My Beloved’ and ‘Dodi Li,’ both of which were adapted from the Song of Songs. Hirschhorn performs each song flawlessly. Adding range to the CD is ‘Mountains of China,’ which is evocative of the work of folk singers such as Judy Collins and Joan Baez. We are even treated to a spoken poem, ‘Blue,’ accompanied by a jazz ensemble in the background. Although reminiscent of the raw, angry poetry of Beat Generation coffee houses, this poem's anger is rubbed smooth as the poet wonders what she is becoming. Exploring the softer side, this upbeat album is beautifully executed by a vocal artist with considerable talent.”

— Maxine Schackman, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, in AJL Newsletter, November/December 2008

Lead Vocal:
Linda Hirschhorn
Backup Vocals:
Julia Bordenaro
Talia Hirschhorn Cooper6
Bryan Dyer
Lisa Feldman
Reed Fromer
Jack Gabriel
R. Rosalind Glazer
Lev Hirschhorn
Linda Hirschhorn
Richard Kaplan
Shana Levy
Alison Lewis
Laurie Lewis1,2
Steve Saxon
Felicia Sloin
Annie Stocking2
Fran Avni
Bruce Berger
Gilles Bernard4
Bob Cohen3
Mike Marshall2
Nancy Vogl2
Electric Guitar:
Bob Cohen4
Ray Obiedo2
Steve Carter
Bob Cohen3,4
Bill Douglass1
Joy Julks2
Peter Kisilenko5
Steve Carter
Ellen Hoffman1
Fran Avni
Steve Carter
Joel Siegel
James Ward
Bonnie Johnson1
Paul van Wageningen2
Fran Avni
Darol Anger1,2
Laurie Lewis2
Dina Maccabee
Suzy Thompson2
Tay Holden2
Dina Maccabee
Gael Alcock
Andreas Wittenstein
Evan Francis
Alto Flute:
Libert Subirana5
Evan Francis
Soprano Saxophone:
Libert Subirana5
Evan Francis
Bass Clarinet:
Libert Subirana5
Bruce Berger
Bruce Berger
Bob Cohen3
Henri Ducharme

Production Staff:

All songs by Linda Hirschhorn

Produced and arranged by Fran Avni and Linda Hirschhorn

Recorded by Steve Carter at Steve & Carla's Place, Oakland, California, except:

Mixed by James Ward at Live Oak Studio, Berkeley, California

Mastered by Mike Bemesderfer at Digital Audio Solutions, Berkeley, California

Graphic Design by Linda Hirschhorn, Andreas Wittenstein, Jaimie Harrow, Talia Hirschhorn Cooper

© 2007 Linda Hirschhorn, Kehila Publications (BMI)
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