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How It Works

Three or four months prior to the event, a notice goes out inviting all who love to sing (experienced and inexperienced alike) to come together for the purpose of learning new music in preparation for a community concert. Linda will provide sheet music so that volunteer singers can begin to prepare in advance of her visit if they so wish.

Linda's music ranges from simple to complex to satisfy and challenge inexperienced and experienced singers alike. The words are often taken from traditional liturgy and text with an emphasis on the values of peace and justice that are so strongly rooted in our Jewish traditions. Wherever possible the language has been made more inclusive.

In some communities, people might get together once a month to practice, and in other communities it might be more often.

Four days before the event, Linda will arrive for the last stage of intensive rehearsals to teach the intricate arrangements that will bring the songs to life.

Half of the concert will be a performance by the community chorus and half will be Linda performing original songs and stories.

The success of this unusual program is attested to by the fact that these newly formed choruses around the country have continued on beyond Linda's visit. Linda maintains an on-going connection by being available for long-distance consultation and periodically sending new music.

Sample Storytelling

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